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Voice Lessons - Technique

Am I a Singer? Can I sing? How do I know?  


The process of learning to sing comes from within. This is where you find your core sound and unlock the pathway to your true voice.

An experienced and intuitive mentor and teacher will offer specific techniques to each student. There is not a "cookie cutter" approach to singing. Ron works closely with his students/clients to find the right blend of tools and techniques for each individual to flourish and grow.

Vocal sound has textures and qualities that are unique to the individual. Ron is skilled at identifying each person's unique strengths and challenges and brings both to the surface for enhancement and correction. This applies the earliest beginner to the professional vocalist.

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Song Interpretation

For the professional and budding professional. Ron guides you in the dissection of the lyrics and intention of your songs. Break down the inner monologue -Where am I coming from? What's happening right now? Etc.

Discover what the lyrics mean to you and how to convey the emotion to your audience to infuse your lyrics with genuine emotion and authenticity. Your voice is the very essence of your being - your heart and soul. Sharing this through song, tells the audience who you are, how you feel and gives them permission to feel it too.

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Vocal Coaching

Peparing for an audition or upcoming performance? Work with Ron to clean up rhythms, accuracy of notes, breath negotiation and timing. Fine-tune your technique, vocal placement and any trouble spots for clean lines and a clear mind. 

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